O My Redeemer, What A Friend Thou Art To Me!

O my Redeemer,

What a Friend Thou art to me!

Oh, what a refuge I have found in Thee!

When the way was dreary,

And my heart was sore oppressed,

'Twas Thy voice that lulled me

To a calm sweet rest.


Nearer, draw nearer,

Till my soul is lost in Thee;

Nearer, draw nearer,

Blessèd Lord, to me.

When in their beauty

Stars unveil their silver light,

Then, O my Savior,

Give me songs at night-

Songs of yonder mansions,

Where the dear ones, gone before,

Sing Thy praise for ever,

On that peaceful shore.


Jesus, my Savior,

When the last deep shadows fall;

When in the silence

I shall hear Thy call-

In Thine arms reposing,

Let me breathe my life away,

And awake triumphant,

In eternal day.






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