My Stubborn Will At Last Hath Yielded

My stubborn will at last hath yielded;

I would be Thine, and Thine alone;

And this the prayer my lips are bringing,

Lord, let in me Thy will be done.


Sweet will of God, still fold me closer;

Till I am wholly lost in Thee;

Sweet will of God, still fold me closer,

Till I am wholly lost in Thee.


I'm tired of sin, footsore and weary,

The darksome path hath dreary grown,

But now a light has ris'n to cheer me;

I find in Thee my Star, my Sun.


Thy precious will, O conqu'ring Savior,

Doth now embrace and compass me;

All discords hushed, my peace a river,

My soul, a prisoned bird, set free.


Shut in with Thee, O Lord, forever,

My wayward feet no more to roam;

What pow'r from Thee my soul can sever?

The center of God's will my home.






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