My Soul Is So Happy In Jesus

My soul is so happy in Jesus,

For He is so precious to me;

His voice it is music to hear it,

His face it is Heaven to see.


I am happy in Him,

I am happy in Him;

My soul with delight

He fills day and night

For I am happy in Him.

He sought me so long ere I knew Him,

When wand'ring afar from the fold;

Safe home in His arms He hath bro't me,

To where there are pleasures untold.


His love and His mercy surround me,

His grace like a river doth flow;

His Spirit, to guide and to comfort,

Is with me wherever I go.


They say I shall some day be like Him,

My cross and my burden lay down;

Till then I will ever be faithful,

In gathering gems for His crown.






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