Jesus, Gracious One, Calleth Now To Thee

Jesus, gracious One, calleth now to thee,

"Come, O sinner, come!"

Calls so tenderly, calls so lovingly,

"Now, O sinner, come!"

Words of peace and blessing,

Christ's own love confessing;


Hear the sweet voice of Jesus,

Full, full of love;

Calling tenderly, calling lovingly,

"Come, O sinner, come!"

Still He waits for thee, pleading patiently,

"Come, O come to Me!

Heavy laden one, I thy grief have borne,

Come and rest in Me."

Words with love o'erflowing,

Life and bliss bestowing;


Weary, sin-sick soul, called so graciously,

Canst thou dare refuse?

Mercy offered thee, freely, tenderly,

Wilt thou still abuse?

Come, for time is flying,

Haste, thy lamp is dying;






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