Hear Sweet Voices From Above

Hear sweet voices from above,

Fill thy hands and go with love,

To the weary as they wait, so late;

In the name of Christ your King,

Go and sweetly, sweetly sing,

Go and wipe their tears away, and pray.


Happy voices ev'rywhere

Are like angels in the air.

'Twas for this that Jesus came,

There is music in His Name,

In the work He calleth you, be true.

Cups of water ye may bear,

And bring answer to your prayer;

Jesus led the multitude with good.

How the blind with opened eyes

Looked on Him with glad surprise!

Love may fix the eyes long dim on Him.


Only tell the story how

Jesus comes to bless you now;

What you do for love is best confessed.

Go as Jesus went to them;

You may find perchance a gem,

Long to sparkle in His sight in light.






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