Father Of All, To Thee

MIDI for Father Of All, To Thee
Father of all, to Thee

With loving hearts we pray,

Through Him, in mercy given,

The Life, the Truth, the Way;

From Heav'n, Thy throne, in mercy shed

Thy blessings on each bended head.

Father of all, to Thee

Our contrite hearts we raise,

Unstrung by sin and pain,

Long voiceless in Thy praise;

Breathe Thou the silent chords along,

Until they tremble into song.

Father of all, to Thee

We breathe unuttered fears,

Deep hidden in our souls,

That have no voice but tears;

Take Thou our hand, and through the wild

Lead gently each trustful child.

Father of all, may we

In praise our tongues employ,

When gladness fills the soul

With deep and hallowed joy;

In storm and calm give us to see

The path of peace which leads to Thee.





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