Dear Lord, Who Dwellest With Us Now

MIDI for Dear Lord, Who Dwellest With Us Now
Dear Lord, who dwellest with us now

In sad humanity,

Give us beneath the cross to bow

Which men have laid on Thee.

When hunger calls to us for bread

With childhood's piteous plea,

Make us to know what Thou hast said

Of those who give to Thee.

When stranger knocketh at our door

For cheer and sympathy,

Our hearts would warmest greetings pour,

That we may welcome Thee.

When sick and sore distressed appeal

In man's infirmity,

We'd haste the broken heart to heal

That we may comfort Thee.

When captive lives in mortal pains

Are clamoring to be free,

We'd strike away the heavy chains

That we may succor Thee.





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