All That Our Savior Hath Spoken

All that our Savior hath spoken

Came from the heart of God;

Surely it cannot be broken,

Sealed with His precious blood.


Tempests may rage and thunder,

Mountains be rent asunder,

Nations may fear and wonder-

Trust, and be undismayed.

As unto Abram was given

God's cov'nant word of peace,

"Counting the stars" of the even-

So shall thy faith increase.


Trust when the light warm and tender

Seemeth to Thee withdrawn;

Wait a few hours, and in splendor

Morning again will dawn!


Trust! tho' all others forsake thee,

Yet there remains one Friend;

Mercy and truth shall o'ertake thee

Down to thy journey's end.


Trust under every condition

Till thou shalt reach thy home;

Trust, till in perfect fruition

That which is real hath come.






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