All Praise Be To God

MIDI for All Praise Be To God
All praise be to God, whom all things obey,

From angels and men for ever and aye:

Who sendeth on earth the powers of His throne,

His providence good and love to make known.

His angels are they of countenance fair,

The arm of His strength, His hand of kind care:

His message of peace to us they reveal,

His wisdom most high they seal or unseal.

By martyrs of old they stood in the flame,

And bade them not flinch, but call on God's Name.

Thro' torment, thro' shame, thro' darkness of death

They led without fear the sires of our faith.

They stand with the few, they fight for the free,

God's reign to advance o'er land and o'er sea:

And when the brave die or fall in the fight,

Their spirits they bear to rest in God's sight.

For patience and toil a crown they prepare;

They found for the meek a kingdom full fair;

No famine nor plague 'gainst them doth prevail;

Their bread cannot lack, their cruse cannot fail.

We pray Thee, who art Thy angels' reward,

Thy flock to defend forget not, O Lord;

But prosper their aid, that us they may bring

To see the true face of Jesus, our King.





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