All Nature's Works His Praise Declare

MIDI for All Nature's Works His Praise Declare
All nature's works His praise declare, to Whom they all belong;

There is a voice in every star, in every breeze a song.

Sweet music fills the world abroad with strains of love and power;

The stormy sea sings praise to God, the thunder and the shower.

To God the tribes of ocean cry, and birds upon the wing;

To God the powers that dwell on high their tuneful tribute bring.

Like them, let us the throne surround, with them loud chorus raise,

While instruments of loftier sound assist our feeble praise.

Great God, to Thee we consecrate our voices and our skill;

We bid the pealing organ wait to speak alone Thy will.

Lord, while the music round us floats may earth born passions die;

O grant its rich and swelling notes may lift our souls on high!





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