All My Heart With Joy Is Springing

All my heart with joy is springing,

While in air everywhere

Angel choirs are singing.

Hear them to the shepherds telling:

"Christ is born! On this morn

God with man is dwelling."

To this lower world descendeth,

From above, He whose love

All our sorrows endeth.

He who breath and being gave us,

Quits the skies, lives and dies

In our flesh to save us.

Christ our Lamb so meek and loving

Dries our tears, calms our fears,

All our sins removing;

Christ our Lamb, who suffers with us;

He can quell death and hell,

And to peace restore us.

Hark, from yon dark manger lowly,

Breezes soft seem to waft

Gentle words and holy:

"Sigh no more, away with sadness

Brethren dear; I am here,

Bringing hope and gladness."

Come ye now, and kneel before Him;

Mortals all, great and small,

Worship and adore Him:

Love your King, whose love invites you:

Lo, His star from afar

To His dwelling lights you.

Ye, whom galling want oppresses

Here ye find comfort kind,

Balm for your distresses:

Noblest treasures here are given;

Riches true wait for you

Poor of Christ, in Heaven.
Ye who strive with fierce temptation,

Sorrow-stung, conscience-wrung,

Here is consolation:

For the woes which men inherit

Christ can feel, Christ will heal

Every wounded spirit.

Kind Redeemer, knit Thee to us;

Quelling sin, reign within,

With Thy grace renew us:

Make us Thine by true repentance;

Let us hear, free from fear,

Lord, Thy final sentence.

Ours be Thy pure love, O Savior,

Ours Thy faith, strong in death,

Ours Thy meek behavior;

Here let us, on Thee depending,

In Thee die, with Thee fly

To the bliss unending.





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