All In The Silent Night

All in the silent night,

Numberless angels bright

Came on their wings of light

Thronging the deep blue sky;

Beautiful songs they sang,

Wonderful echoes rang;

Glory to Christ our King,

Glory to God on high.


Glory, glory to God!

Glory, glory to God,

Glory, all glory to God on high!

Let every listening heart reply;

Glory, glory to God!

Glory, glory to God,

Far let the joyful tidings fly;

All glory to God on high!

Join in the song so sweet,

Now with the shepherds meet,

Haste to the Savior's feet,

Worship the Child divine;

Come with the men of old,

Nor let the heart withhold

Aught of its purest gold;

All to the King resign.


Broken the shades of night;

Hail to the Dayspring bright!

Spreading the blessèd light,

Tell of a Savior born,

Till all mankind shall see

Mercy, so great and free,

Till on this earth shall be

Dawn of eternal morn.






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