All Hail To The Prince Of Life

All hail to the Prince of Life,

All hail to the Lord divine!

For over the whole glad earth

His glorious light shall shine!

He comes from the tomb of night,

The shadow of death laid by,

He comes as a Conqu'ror comes,

His banner of light on high.


All hail to the Prince of Life!

Hosanna to Him we sing-

He comes as a mighty Victor,

He comes as a conq'ring King!

Go forward ye sons of men

And welcome the glorious King!

Go meet Him with songs of joy

That over His path shall ring!

He brings from the grave of death

The blessing of life and peace,

Who seeks Him shall find a part

In joys that shall never cease.


Then come with your hearts of love

And come with your songs of praise,

For Christ Who hath ris'n indeed

Your anthems of vict'ry raise!

For never in ages past

And never in coming years

Shall Victor and Monarch rise

Like Him Whom the world reveres.






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