All Glory To God To God In The Sky

All glory to God in the sky,

And peace upon earth be restored!

O Jesus, exalted on high,

Appear our omnipotent Lord:

Who meanly in Bethlehem born,

Didst stoop to redeem a lost race,

Once more to Thy creature return,

And reign in Thy kingdom of grace.

When Thou in our flesh didst appear,

All nature acknowledged Thy birth;

Arose the acceptable year,

And Heaven was opened on earth.

Receiving its Lord from above,

The world was united to bless

The Giver of concord and love,

The Prince and the Author of peace.

O wouldst Thou again be made known,

Again in Thy Spirit descend,

And set up in each of Thine own

A kingdom that never shall end!

Thou only art able to bless,

And make the glad nations obey,

And bid the dire enmity cease,

And bow the whole world to Thy sway.

Come then to Thy servants again,

Who long Thy appearing to know,

Thy quiet and peaceable reign,

In mercy establish below:

All sorrow before Thee shall fly,

And anger and hatred be o'er,

And envy and malice shall die,

And discord afflict us no more.

No horrid alarm of war

Shall break our eternal repose;

No sound of the trumpet is there,

Where Jesus' Spirit o'erflows:

Appeased by the charms of Thy grace

We all shall in amity join,

And kindly each other embrace,

And love with a passion like Thine.





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