All Glory Be Thine

Thou only art holy,

Thou only the Lord;

Truth, mercy and judgment,

Shine forth in Thy Word.

Thou rulest and reignest

All others above;

Thy throne is eternal,

Thy scepter is love.


Thy reign everlasting,

Thy kingdom divine,

Henceforth and forever

All glory be Thine.

Thou only art holy;

In Thee is our trust;

Thy laws are unchanging,

Thy statutes are just.

All nations and people

Before Thee shall fall;

The Father, Redeemer,

And Savior of all.


Thou only art holy;

The angels in light

With prophets and martyrs

Their anthems unite.

Thou only art holy,

O Ancient of days;

The boundless creation

Is filled with Thy praise.






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