Alas! How Swift The Moments Fly!

MIDI for Alas! How Swift The Moments Fly!
Alas! how swift the moments fly!

How flash the years along!

Scarce here, yet gone already by,

The burden of a song.

See childhood, youth, and manhood pass,

And age, with furrowed brow;

Time was-Time shall be-drain the glass-

But where in Time is now?

Time is the measure but of change;

No present hour is found;

The past, the future, fill the range

Of Time's unceasing round.

Where, then is now? In realms above,

With God's atoning Lamb,

In regions of eternal love,

Where sits enthroned I AM.

Then pilgrim, let thy joys and tears

On Time no longer lean;

But henceforth all thy hopes and fears

From earth's affections wean:

To God let votive accents rise;

With truth, with virtue, live;

So all the bliss that Time denies

Eternity shall give.





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