Ah! Lord God, The World's Creator

MIDI for Ah! Lord God, The World's Creator
Ah! Lord God, the world's Creator,

King of all, great or small,

Earth's Regenerator;

Art Thou cradled, art Thou crying,

Swathed and bound, on the ground,

In the stable lying?

"Love of man hath brought Me hither,

Cords of love, from above,

To exalt him thither;

Dead in trespass, child, I sought thee;

Gone astray, from My way,

Life and pardon brought thee."

"Empty be My scrip and coffer,

Yet 'tis wealth, plenty, health,

I am come to offer;

Haste I to enrich and dress thee;

Born to die, low I lie,

And would gladly bless thee."

Therefore thousand thousand praises

Are Thy due, Babe Jesu,

These my heart upraises;

Angels, mortals, furthest, nighest,

Sing in mirth, "Peace on earth,

Glory in the highest."





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