Again He'll Come

From Olive's Hill, the multitude upgazing,

Beheld, until the Savior passed from view;

But radiant heralds uttered words of promise,

He Who has gone shall come again to you.


Again, again, the nations shall behold Him!

Again, again, enrobed in majesty;

In clouds of glory every eye shall see Him,

Again, again, the King of Glory see!

Again, but not in weakness or in sorrow;

Again, but not for bitter pain and loss;

The Son of God shall come in glory splendid,

Again, but not to bear shame's bitter cross.


O Zion, clothe thyself in raiment holy;

Lift up thine eyes to greet thy coming King;

Rejoice, rejoice, no more be robed in sorrow,

Rejoice, O Zion, lift thy voice and sing.






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