Adam, Our Father And Our Head

MIDI for Adam, Our Father And Our Head
Adam, our father and our head,

Transgressed, and justice doomed us dead;

The fiery law speaks all despair:

There's no reprieve nor pardon there.

But, O unutterable grace!

The Son of God takes Adam's place;

Down to our world the Savior flies,

Stretches His arms, and bleeds, and dies.

Justice was pleased to bruise the God,

And pay its wrongs with heav'nly blood:

What unknown racks and pangs He bore!

Then rose; the law could ask no more.

Amazing work! look down, ye skies,

Wonder and gaze with all your eyes;

Ye heav'nly thrones, stoop from above,

And bow to this mysterious love.

Lo! they adore th'incarnate Son,

And sing the glories He hath won;

Sing how He broke our iron chains,

How deep He sunk, how high He reigns!

Triumph and reign, victorious Lord,

By all the flaming hosts adored;

And say, dear Conqueror, say how long

Ere we shall rise to join their song.

Send down a chariot from above,

With fiery wheels, and paved with love;

Raise us beyond th'ethereal blue,

To sing and love as angels do.





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