Absent From Flesh! O Blissful Thought!

MIDI for Absent From Flesh! O Blissful Thought!
Absent from flesh! O blissful thought!

What unknown joys this moment brings!

Freed from the mischiefs sin has brought,

From pains, and fears, and all their springs.

Absent from flesh! illustrious day!

Surprising scene! triumphant stroke

That rends the prison of my clay;

And I can feel my fetters broke.

Absent from flesh! then rise, my soul,

Where feet nor wings could never climb,

Beyond the heav'ns, where planets roll,

Measuring the cares and joys of time.

I go where God and glory shine,

His presence makes eternal day:

My all that's mortal I resign,

For angels wait and point my way.





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