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Members of Congress Target the Unborn

9/15/11 1:14 PM

Members of Congress Target the Unborn

Evangelicals Call For Care and Protection of the Unborn

Contact: Alexei Laushkin, Senior Director Communications, Evangelical Environmental Network, 202-352-9920,

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 2011 -- Evangelical leaders and pastors delivered letters to the House and Senate Bi-Partisan Pro-Life Caucus and launched a major multi-state radio ad campaign asking pro-life members of Congress to stop trying to gut EPA regulations on mercury pollution and instead uphold and act on their pro-life principals. As part of this effort, leaders have focused on Reps. Ed Whitfield (KY-1), Fred Upton (MI-6) and Joe Barton (TX-6) because of their efforts to remove restrictions intended to prevent mercury poisoning in the unborn. You can listen to these ads at

In the ads, Rev. Tracey Bianchi, a mother, describes the dangerous effects of mercury poisoning on the unborn, including permanent brain damage and developmental challenges. "I believe that every life is a precious gift from God," says Rev. Bianchi in the ad. "And I expect members of Congress who are pro-life to use their power to protect life, especially the unborn."

"One in six babies born in the U.S. have harmful levels of mercury in their blood. Pro-life members of Congress should be doing everything they can to protect the unborn from this threat. For the life of me, I can't understand why some are trying to block the EPA from regulating mercury levels when they know the unborn will pay the price," says Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network.

In addition to the radio ads, a letter signed by pro-life evangelical leaders and another by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was hand delivered to members of the Congressional Pro-Life Committee. These letters follow on a previously issued statement, An Evangelical Call to Stop the Mercury Poisoning of the Unborn, signed by over 100 evangelical pastors and leaders. You can view their statement and resources at

In the letters, the leaders state, "We understand mercury poisoning to be a pro-life issue . . . We are asking Congress to stop playing games with the health of America's unborn children by supporting the EPA's March 16, 2011 proposed regulation known as the 'Utility MACT rule.'"

Once emitted, mercury falls from the air into local water sources, becomes part of the food chain, is consumed by pregnant mothers when they eat contaminated fish, and can have devastating impacts on their unborn children. For more information:

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