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Christian Focus Publications Announces New U.S. Sales Representatives
Posted on 8/9/11 2:20 PM
Author with Seven Million Books Sold Presents at Online Conference for Christian Writers
Posted on 8/9/11 1:30 PM
America We Care: Why Wait for the Government to Help People -- Let's Do it Ourselves
Posted on 8/9/11 10:30 AM
'Otheos' Faith-Based App Takes Ministry Messages Mobile
Posted on 8/9/11 9:10 AM
Pastor Credits North Korean Dictator with Inspiration for New Church Planting Strategy
Posted on 8/9/11 9:00 AM
It Works! Christian Advanced-Placement Courses Garner Excellent Exam Scores
Posted on 8/8/11 7:05 PM
Defunding Planned Parenthood is Constitutional
Posted on 8/5/11 1:52 PM
Air Force Attacked by Religious Foes
Posted on 8/5/11 1:34 PM
Sunset Inn, a Marriage Retreat Center Opens in Branson, MO
Posted on 8/5/11 3:00 AM
House Holds Emergency Hearing on Sudan
Posted on 8/4/11 7:07 PM
Bott Radio Network Christian Talk Radio Expands Across Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma
Posted on 8/4/11 6:17 PM
Outreach's New Book/DVD Curriculum Series Takes Adults and Teens on a 'GodQuest'
Posted on 8/4/11 4:04 PM
Phil and Amy Parham, Stars of NBC's Biggest Loser, Join The Winn Agency Talent
Posted on 8/4/11 11:30 AM
Emergency Hearing on Sudan Ethnic Cleansing, Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan
Posted on 8/3/11 9:56 PM
Sonoma Church Celebrates 190 New Believers in Brampton Ontario
Posted on 8/3/11 7:33 PM
Stop the Islamization of America: A Veteran Freedom Fighter's Groundbreaking Guide to Defending Our Nation
Posted on 8/3/11 7:31 PM
Artists Donate Original Works to Build Churches Around the World
Posted on 8/3/11 5:28 PM
Small Town Christian Filmmaking
Posted on 8/3/11 4:59 PM
Thousands of Churches Prepare for National Back to Church Sunday
Posted on 8/3/11 2:35 PM
One With Them: Helping Support Suffering Christians Worldwide
Posted on 8/3/11 12:57 PM
New Faith Coalition: Protecting Big Government is Not Protecting the Poor
Posted on 8/2/11 5:54 PM
Richard Viguerie Urges No Recriminations Against Tea Party Defectors
Posted on 8/2/11 4:21 PM
Scams Played on Church Goers? The New Book 'Gotchyaa!' Alerts the Reader to Danger Where it is Least Expected
Posted on 8/2/11 3:00 PM
Former 'Top Model' Leah Darrow Joins Catholic Answers
Posted on 8/2/11 2:19 PM
We Have Spent it All
Posted on 8/2/11 11:21 AM
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