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In The Rifted Rock Im Resting

In the rifted Rock I'm resting;

Safely sheltered, I abide.

There no foes nor storms molest me,

While within the cleft I hide.


Now I'm resting, sweetly resting,

In the cleft once made for me.

Jesus, blessèd Rock of Ages,

I will hide myself in Thee.

Long pursued by sin and Satan,

Weary, sad, I longed for rest.

Then I found this heav'nly shelter,

Opened in my Savior's breast.


Peace which passeth understanding,

Joy the world can never give,

Now in Jesus I am finding;

In His smiles of love I live.


In the rifted Rock I'll hide me

Till the storms of life are past;

All secure in this blest refuge,

Heeding not the fiercest blast.


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