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In The Harvest Field There Is Work To Do

In the harvest field there is work to do,

For the grain is ripe, and the reapers few;

And the Master's voice bids the workers true

Heed the call that He gives today.


Labor on, labor on,

Keep the bright reward in view,

For the Master has said

He will strength renew;

Labor on till the close of day.

Crowd the garner well with its sheaves all bright,

Let the song be glad, and the heart be light,

Fill the precious hours ere the shades of night

Take the place of the golden day.


In the gleaner's path may be rich reward,

Tho' the time seems long, and the labor hard;

For the Master's joy, with His chosen shared,

Drives the gloom from the darkest day.


Lo! the Harvest Home in the realms above

Shall be gained by each who has toiled and strove,

When the Master's voice, in His words of love,

Calls away to eternal day.


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