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In Mute Astonishment And Awe

In mute astonishment and awe,

The angels learn God's plan

To send His Uncreated Son

Down to the Earth-as Man!

From Light Eternal shines the Light,

And Satan's night is ended;

Its brilliance breaks upon the world

In day uncomprehended.

The Word, enfleshed, invades His world,

And speaks the words of life:

"Lay down your arms, my rebel sons;

Be reconciled from strife."

Immortal God, yet mortal man,

With men He makes His dwelling,

And we behold His glory here,

In grace beyond all telling.

His grace and truth, His abundant love,

His grand, gigantic meekness

Appear to us in human form,

In omnipotent weakness.

Incarnate God, embrace me now,

And by your Spirit's art,

Enflesh the Word of God anew

Within my yielded heart.

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