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In Gods Word It Is Recorded

In God's Word it is recorded

That this world will not endure;

Then while time is yet afforded

Make your hope of Heaven sure;

For the stars, before the morning,

From their orbits may be hurled,

And the moon may send a warning

That tonight will end the world.


If tonight should end the world,

If tonight should end the world,

Would your soul adrift be driven?

Or would you set sail for Heaven,

If tonight should end the world?

O'er this question do you ponder,

As the days pass swiftly by?

Have you gained an interest yonder,

Where the soul will never die?

If the last trump should be sounded,

And the blood stained banner furled,

Would it bring you grief unbounded

If tonight should end the world?


See the hands once torn and bleeding

On the cross of Calvary,

Reaching out with gentle pleading;

Oh, poor sinner, 'tis for thee;

Come, accept this great salvation,

Ere to judgment you are hurled;

Slight you not this invitation,

For tonight may end the world.


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