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I'll See The New Jerusalem

I'll see the new Jerusalem when Christ to earth does come.

I'll see Him then, will hear His voice, all Christians will rejoice.

Of sun and moon there is no sign, God's light o'er all will shine.

And then, when He has come with might, it never will be night.

A stream of water, crystal clear, from His throne will appear.

An end to struggle and all strife, that water brings new life.

The tree of life brings forth its fruits, on ever growing shoots.

With praise and music in the air, no thirst or hunger there.

And all who served Him, with Him reign, now free from sin and stain.

How fathomless, dear Lord, the love, come to us from above.

That caught in bondage, fraught with strife, You bring eternal life!

One day, on Your eternal shore, we'll praise You evermore.

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