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If Pathless Forests Meet My View

If pathless forests meet my view,

I will not doubt or fear;

What has been done that I can do,

My way shall be made clear.


I've decided, Lord, that I will follow Thee,

Anywhere, anywhere,

Over the land or over the sea,

It matters not where it may be,

For I've decided, Lord, to follow Thee,


No trackless plain my faith can dim,

Despite its vast domain;

But with my faith made strong in Him,

I'll sing my glad refrain.


No sea too deep nor wide for me,

With faith shall I embark;

For He Who walked on Galilee

Will safely guide my bark.


So anywhere and everywhere

In pleasure, woe or pain;

My cross alone I do not bear,

Nor do I trust in vain.


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