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I Need Not Trouble For The Morrow

I need not trouble for the morrow,

For I am in my Father's care;

He will go with me as I journey,

For all my need He will prepare.


I know that He provides the lilies,

His eye each falling sparrow sees;

And so my soul will fear no evil,

For I am more to Him than these.

I need not either thirst or hunger;

His grace will never be denied;

He leads me to the living waters;

His daily manna is supplied.


I need not an abiding city,

For "I can tarry but a night";

My heart, my treasure, are in Heaven,

My raiment is a robe of white.


O may my faith increase before Him,

My service here His blessing gain;

Let me seek first my Father's kingdom,

For all beside must be in vain!


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