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I Love To Hear The Story How The Lord From Heaven Came

I love to hear the story how the Lord from Heaven came

And did not fear to visit men in all their sin and shame;

But touched the sick and made them well, the blind and they did see,

And said of little children, "Suffer them to come to Me."

I love to think of Jesus as my gentle Shepherd Lord

Who leads in heav'nly pastures those who love to hear His Word;

And when I am in sorrow, and sore trouble makes me fear,

I hear Him say: "Be not afraid, My child, for I am near!"

I love to speak to Him alone in words of song and prayer

In darkest night and roughest way, for He is with me there;

And so He guides me that each day I may not fail to see

The way to Heav'n, that where He is, there also may I be.

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