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I Know Of A World That Is Sunk In Shame

I know of a world that is sunk in shame,

Where hearts oft faint and tire;

But I know of a Name, a precious Name,

That can set that world on fire;

Its sound is sweet, its letters flame.


I know of a Name, a precious Name,

'Tis Jesus.

I know of a Book a marvelous Book,

With a message for all who hear;

And the same dear Name, His wonderful Name,

Illumines its pages clear;

The Book is His Word, its message I've heard.


I know of a home in Immanuel's land,

Where hearts ne'er faint nor tire;

And His marvelous Name, His own dear Name,

Inspires the heav'nly choir;

Hear the melody ringing, my own heart singing.


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