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I Know Not Where The Path May Lead

I know not where the path may lead,

How dark the way that I must tread;

My feet may walk on fragrant mead,

Or midst deep bogs that 'round them spread.


But this I know, whate'er betide,

I need not fear nor walk alone;

I still may have One at my side,

And feel my hand within His own.

I may not have strength of my own,

To do the task before me laid;

Heart shrink to make the fight alone

Against the foe I see arrayed.


But this I know, whate'er the task,

Or foe that seeks my soul's alarm,

I need not fear; I need but ask

The helpful strength of His strong arm.


I may not know what waits the day,

Nor part the veil that hangs between;

I may not glimpse one golden ray

Upon the further distant scene.


But this I know, if with my best

I played the part I had to play,

'Tis safe to leave to Him the rest,

For His own time, in His own way.


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