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I Have Heard Of A Land On A Far Away Strand

I have heard of a land

On a far away strand,

In the Bible the story is told,

Where no cares ever come,

Neither darkness nor gloom,

And nothing shall ever grow old.


In that beautiful land,

On the faraway strand,

There awaits us a robe and a crown;

In that city, we're told,

The streets are pure gold,

And the sunlight shall never go down.

There are evergreen trees

That bend low in the breeze,

And their fruitage is brighter than gold;

There are harps for our hands,

In that fairest of lands,

And nothing shall ever grow old.


There's a home in that land,

At the Father's right hand;

There are mansions whose joys are untold;

There the ransomed will sing

Round the throne of their King,

And nothing shall ever grow old.


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