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I Have A Future All Sublime

I have a future all sublime,

Beyond the realms of space and time,

Where my Redeemer I shall see,

And sorrow nevermore shall be.

A precious heritage is mine;

'Tis kept above by love divine;

And while I tarry here below,

He gives me what is best, I know.

O, God be praised, He planned for me;

From anxious care I'm spared and free;

He bids me cast on Him my care-

What then remains for me to bear?

Sweet peace within my soul doth dwell;

With joy I sing: "Now all is well,"

He leads me safely by His hand

Until I reach the Glory Land.

O precious Savior, teach Thou me

To live my life more true to Thee

The little while I yet must roam

Before I reach my heav'nly home.

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