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I Have A Friend So Dear

I have a Friend so dear,

Constant and true is He,

Filling my heart with cheer,

So good to me.

He's covered ev'ry sin and stain,

His pow'r now makes me whole again,

And soon with Him fore'er I'll reign-

Jesus, my Friend.

He's promised to return

To this dark world below,

Though wicked men may spurn,

To Him I'll go.

He'll take me to my home on high,

Where I shall live and never die,

He'll wipe all tears from ev'ry eye-

Jesus, my Friend.

Then why should sorrow fill

Hearts that on Him rely,

His blessèd "Peace, be still"

Calms ev'ry cry.

Who fills with hope and courage now,

And at the last-I not not how-

Will place a crown upon my brow-

Jesus, my Friend.

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