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I Found Such A Wonderful Savior

I found such a wonderful Savior

In Jesus, my Lord and my King!

Undying and true His devotion;

My heart shall his glad praises sing.


Oh, what a wonderful Savior is He!

Constant and true is Jesus.

More than I fancied He ever could be

Is Jesus, my wonderful Friend.

Surpassing the love that a mother

May have for the child of her care;

The love of a sister or brother

With His we can never compare.


The pleasures the world could afford me

Are naught to compare with His joy;

The rapture and peace that He gives me,

Earth's sorrows can never destroy.


When sorrows and pain are my portion,

When tears of bereavement must fall,

My Savior, my Friend, my Companion,

Will comfort and keep through it all.


When tempests around me are sweeping,

My Pilot and Guide He will be;

And safe is my soul in His keeping,

My mighty Deliv'rer is he.


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