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How Sweet Is The Love Of My Savior!

How sweet is the love of my Savior!

'Tis boundless and deep as the sea;

And best of it all, it is daily

Growing sweeter and sweeter to me.


Sweeter and sweeter to me,

Dearer and dearer each day;

Oh, wonderful love of my Savior,

Growing dearer each step of my way!

I know He is ever beside me!

Eternity only will prove

The height and the depth of His mercy,

And the breadth of His infinite love.


Wherever He leads I will follow,

Thru sorrow, or shadow or sun;

And though I be tried in the furnace,

I can say, "Lord, Thy will be it done."


Some day face to face I shall see Him,

And oh, what a joy it will be

To know that His love, now so precious,

Will forever grow sweeter to me!


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