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Hark To The Music Resounding

Hark to the music resounding,

Reapers are needed today;

Fields are all white, to the harvest

Let us be up and away!

Ever the Master is calling,

Hasten! the shadows are falling;

On to the harvest field,

Gather the golden yield,

Precious sheaves.


Hark! hark! comes the song,

On! on! join the throng;

Forth with joyful, loving heart,

Bravely do your part;

Hark! hark! rings the call;

Haste! haste! one and all;

On where the harvest stands,

Waiting for willing hands

Souls to win.

Forward with hearts full of gladness,

Reapers, I pray you, make haste;

Grain there is ready and waiting,

If not soon gathered, will waste;

Then let us hear you replying,

Labor with courage undying,

Send up a word of cheer,

Tell of the rest so near,

Rest at home.


Hark to the song they are singing!

See, they have treasures so rare;

Soon will the harvest be ended,

Haste, then, their trophies to share.

Let no one be idly dreaming,

Look! look! the harvest is gleaming,

Join ye the reaping band,

Lend them a helping hand,

Ere the night.


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