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Eternal Beam Of Light Divine

Eternal Beam of light divine,

Fountain of unexhausted love,

In Whom the Father's glories shine

Through earth beneath, and Heaven above;

Jesu, the weary wanderer's rest,

Give me Thy easy yoke to bear,

With steadfast patience arm my breast,

With spotless love, and lowly fear.

Thankful I take the cup from Thee,

Prepared and mingled by Thy skill,

Though bitter to the taste it be,

Powerful the wounded soul to heal.

Be Thou, O Rock of ages, nigh!

So shall each murmuring thought be gone,

And grief, and fear, and care, shall fly,

As clouds before the mid-day sun.

Speak to my warring passions, "Peace!"

Say to my trembling heart, "Be still!"

Thy power my strength and fortress is,

For all things serve Thy sovereign will.

O death! where is thy sting? Where now

Thy boasted victory, O grave?

Who shall contend with God? or who

Can hurt whom God delights to save?

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