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Enslaved By Sin And Bound In Chains

Enslaved by sin and bound in chains,

Beneath its dreadful tyrant sway,

And doomed to everlasting pains,

We wretched, guilty captives lay.

Nor gold nor gems could buy our peace,

Nor all the world's collected store

Suffice to purchase our release;

A thousand worlds were all too poor.

Jesus, the Lord, the mighty God,

An all sufficient ransom paid.

O matchless price! His precious blood

For vile, rebellious traitors shed.

Jesus the Sacrifice became

To rescue guilty souls from hell;

The spotless, bleeding, dying Lamb

Beneath avenging Justice fell.

Amazing goodness! Love divine!

Oh, may our grateful hearts adore

The matchless grace nor yield to sin

Nor wear its cruel fetters more!

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