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Easter, Joyous Easter

Easter, joyous Easter, holy happy time!

Bells ring out their message, joy in every chime;

Sweetly through their music, faint an echo swells,

Voices seem to mingle with the bells. (Glad Easter bells.)


Seek ye not the living here among the dead;

Christ the Lord is risen, risen as He said;

Blessèd reassurance, gone the weary night,

Christ is risen! Easter breaks in floods of light!

Voices in a garden, near a rock-hewn tomb,

Gracious heav'nly voices, cheering earth's dark gloom;

Voices from the glory, sent from thence to tell,

Jesus lives again! Immanuel! (Immanuel!)


Other voices echo, through the Easter chime

One above all others, speaks with pow'r sublime;

Tender words of comfort, peace and love profound,

O'er the world today His words resound. (His words resound.)


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