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Earth With All Her Fullness Owns, The

The earth with all her fullness owns

Jehovah for her sovereign Lord;

The countless myriads of her sons

Rose into being at His Word.

His Word did out of nothing call

The world, and founded all that is;

Launched on the floods this solid ball,

And fixed it in the floating seas.

But who shall quit this low abode,

Who shall ascend the heavenly place,

And stand upon the mount of God,

And see his Maker face to face?

The man whose hands and heart are clean

That blessèd portion shall receive;

Whoe'er by grace is saved from sin,

Hereafter shall in glory live.

He shall obtain the starry crown;

And, numbered with the saints above,

The God of his salvation own,

The God of his salvation love.

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