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At Length There Dawns The Glorious Day

At length there dawns the glorious day

By prophets long foretold,

At length the chorus clearer grows

That shepherds heard of old.

The day of dawning brotherhood

Breaks on our eager eyes,

And human hatreds flee before

The radiant eastern skies.

For what are sund'ring strains of blood,

Or ancient caste and creed?

One claim unites all men in God

To serve each human need.

Then here together, brother men,

We pledge the Lord anew

Our loyal love, our stalwart faith,

Our service strong and true.

One common faith unites us all,

We seek one common goal;

One tender comfort broods upon

The struggling human soul.

To this clear call of brotherhood

Our hearts responsive ring

We join the glorious new crusade

Of our great Lord and King.

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