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As Thou, O Lord, Hast Made Me Strong

As Thou, O Lord, hast made me strong

To overcome my mighty foe,

So now to fight against the wrong

And conquer in Thy Name I go.

From strife Thou wilt deliver me,

And make the nations own my sway;

Strange peoples, when my power they see,

Shall come with trembling and obey.

Jehovah lives, and blest is He,

My Rock, my Refuge and Defense,

My Savior Who delivers me,

And will the wicked recompense.

For grace and mercy ever near,

For foes subdued and victories won,

All nations of the earth shall hear

My praise for what the Lord has done.

To David, His anointed King,

And to his sons upon his throne,

The Lord will great salvation bring

And ever make His mercy known.

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