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As The Shepherds Watched At Midnight

As the shepherds watched at midnight

On the hills so far away,

Suddenly a light shone 'round them,

Turning midnight into day.

Then each heart was filled with wonder,

For they could not understand

Why the angel host that gathered

Brought to them such music grand.


Angels, sing your sweet refrain-

Glory in the highest, glory!

Tell the waiting earth your story

Of the Christ Who came to reign.

Sing-sing that sweet song again,

Earth and sky repeat the story-

Glory in the highest, glory!

On earth peace, good will to men.

All the earth was clothed with beauty

When there came that angel throng,

Every heart was filled with gladness

As they listened to the song;

Never had they heard such music,

Or beheld such wondrous light,

Filling all the earth with glory,

As the angel brought that night.


Though we could not hear the angels

Singing forth their glad refrain;

We can celebrate His birthday

As it comes to us again.

We can, like the shepherds, worship,

Lay our lives at Jesus' feet;

With our hearts we can adore Him

And the angels' song repeat.


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