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As The Bird Flies Home

As the bird flies home to its parent nest,

When the hunter seeks his prey,

O child of God, to thy Father haste,

From the tempter's snare away.


Under His wings thy defense shall be,

He with His feathers shall cover thee,

Cover thee, cover thee,

He with His feathers will cover thee.

When the winds are cold, and the days are long,

And thy soul from care would hide,

Fly back, fly back, to thy Father then,

And beneath His wings abide.


Oh, the tranquil joy of that dear retreat,

Where the Savior bids thee rest,

With steadfast hope, and a trusting faith,

In His love secure and blest.


'Tis the Lord thy God that to thee has said,

He will guide thee with His eye;

In all thy need, like the weary dove,

To Thy only refuge fly.


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