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As Near The Wished For Port We Draw

As near the wished for port we draw

We lift our hearts in praise to Thee,

Almighty Father, loving Lord,

Our Pilot on the troubled sea.

By Thy good care in peace we come,

From fire and foe securely kept,

And after tempest, at Thy word,

The waves have laid them down and slept.

As Thou hast giv'n us outward calm,

So, Lord, within us may there be

A peace divine, a peace in Him,

Through Whom alone we live to Thee.

Give us more light, direct our course,

Cleanse us from guile, our hearts renew;

Let not dark clouds of sin shut out

The star of Jesus from our view.

And then, our long life voyage o'er,

And past the perils of the sea,

Receive us on the blissful shore,

To everlasting rest with Thee.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God Whom Heav'n and earth adore,

Be glory as it was of old,

Is now, and shall be evermore.

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