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As In The Days Of Haggai When

As in the days of Haggai when

The Hebrews hewed from stone

Jehovah's temple, built again

To serve their God alone,

So too our hearts can be remade,

From stone to flesh-the heav'nly blade

Carves out an earthly home.

The temple of Zerubabel,

Like that of Solomon

Sustained attack, gave way, and fell

To rise and fall again.

But when God's Temple died and rose

He kept the promise giv'n to those

Who built the temple then.

God shook the earth and Gentiles then

Brought treasure to His store,

But heaven and earth will shake again

When our King comes once more.

Then all that can be shaken will

Be purged and dross removed until

He clears His threshing floor.

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