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As Above The Darkest Storm Cloud

As above the darkest storm cloud

Shines the sun, serenely bright

Waiting to restore to nature

All the glory of his light,

So, behind each cloud of sorrow,

So, in each affliction, stands,

Hid, an angel, with a blessing

From the Father in his hand.

As without the tempest, pouring

O'er the earth the welcome rain,

All were but a fruitless desert,

Barren sand for ripen'ng grain,

So if ne'er a cloud of sadness

Veiled the sunshine of the soul,

If affliction's waves were never

Suffered o'er the heart to roll.

Love and faith might fail forever

To bring forth their fruits of peace;

Heaven's good seed of truth would perish

In a thorny wilderness.

So, with cloud and storm and tempest

Grows our earthly summer dim,

That the rebel heart, our Father

Thus may win to turn to Him.

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