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Abide In Thee

Abide in Thee, in that deep love of Thine,

My Jesus, Lord, Thou Lamb of God divine;

Down, closely down, as living branch with tree,

I would abide, my Lord, my Christ, in Thee.

Abide in Thee, my Savior, God, I know

How love of Thine, so vast, in me may flow:

My empty vessel running o'er with joy,

Now overflows to Thee without alloy.

Abide in Thee, nor doubt, nor self, nor sin,

Can e'er prevail with Thy blest life within;

Joined to Thyself, communing deep, my soul

Knows naught besides its motions to control.

Abide in Thee, 'tis thus alone I know

The secrets of Thy mind e'en while below;

All joy and peace, and knowledge of Thy Word,

All power and fruit, and service for the Lord.

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